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In this 2D puzzle/platformer you play as the lovable and optimistic robot Bit. You must make your way through the perilous challenging robot-killing levels of a human-less planet. Luckily Bit is programmed to upload special Blocks into the world around it! Got ice in your way No problem! Place a Fire Block to melt the ice and clear the path! Platform too high Psh! Place a Moving Block to carry you! Alien Lasers giving you trouble Puh-lease! Drop a Crystal Block to protect you! This may all sound easy but youre going to need all your side-scrolling and puzzle-solving skills to beat all 35 levels that weve created. In addition to the 35 levels BlockHopper features a full-fledged level editor that allows players to share their own levels with the world! With limitless user-made levels BlockHopper has potentially infinite replayability! Along with tight controls old-school pixel-art graphics incredible music from Starship Amazing http// and witty banter that only a chipper life-loving robot could spout BlockHopper waits for you to run hop and think your way to victory! BlockHopper is also available on on the Apple App Store! Play and create levels on the go on your iOS device!