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Million Dollar Tower Defense


Million Dollar Tower Defense - raising funds/capital taken to a new level - Play the game buy some Sprites and help make the world better! Lots of cool tower technologies super weapons non-linear gameplay and an EPIC final boss more to come as Sprites are bought too make this a must play! Million Dollar TD is an awesome and unique game in which people can buy and own the character sprites in the game. As a Sprite owner you can choose an image and associated link which will appear in the game as a character and on the official website. As the game spreads your stuff spreads with it potentially being seen by millions of eyeballs on the internets! Only 12000 Sprites are available among all of the game levels. Buy as many as you want but once theyre gone theyre gone. So make sure you reserve your Sprites as soon as possible! Learn more about this fund/capital raising at http// and see how my previous project can save the US health care system and the world 263 million annually! Help me and others start more high-impact projects and dont forget to follow this on Facebook and Twitter.