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Ragdoll Volleyball


Got game? I doubt it. In Ragdoll Volleyball you play as the most flexible athletes in the world! This is not your normal volleyball game. You move around at the press of a button with every limb free of motion, but be careful of the obstacles that could be in your way. We would not want you to get injured in a friendly game.

The game goes to ten points. The higher the opponent's level, the more points you'll get from every goal. You can make 3 touches at most. After which, the ball will be served by the opponent. When the number of touches makes it to three, the lamp will turn red. On a goal, the lamp will turn green.

Do not forget about the dangers out on the field. If the ball hits the button near you the "bonebreaker" will fly out of the trap. However, if the ball hits the button on the other side, then the opponent will be the ones in danger. Also, there are no fouls for going over the net, but be careful of the spear in the middle of the field! It packs a little bit of a punch.

Still think you have what it takes? Start up a game of Ragdoll Volleyball and see if you can make it all of the way to the championship!