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RedCross ERU


The Red Cross gives help to people in need all over the world regardless of skin color nationality beliefs or gender. Working for the Red Cross might be the toughest job on earth. Lives depend on your decisions therefore you need to prioritize your tasks. When so many people are suffering who are you going to help first... Yes... its a though call but in the real world emergency situations are hard and sometimes breathtaking. In ERU its your call Which tasks are most urgent? Are certain situations more critical? Which assets have to be deployed? Do you have enough material to get the job done? Time is running out!! In ERU Emergency Response Unit The Red Cross Game you are in control of a Red Cross base camp and your decisions can be life saving. ERU is a simulation made with the help of Red Cross specialists. You will really learn what the Red Cross is all about by playing this game. Red Cross the game can be played online for free. Nothing has to be downloaded or installed. The online version is a trial of the premium version. By purchasing the full version you will support the Red Cross and you will receive the game containing all 11 missions and hours of quality game time. Play this marvelous game presented by YoudaGames and support the Red Cross in their ongoing pursuit to save lives.