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Red Kart Racer


Red Kart Racer is an exciting 3D kart racing game with 3 game modes on 10 tracks against 11 opponents with various strength. By winning the tournaments extra features and tracks can be unlocked. Be the best in each tournament to claim your final rewards mirror mode and a special extra track! On each track your best lap time and your ghost kart movement is stored giving an opportunity to beat the personal records later on. Features - Real time 3D environment - 12 karts on track - 10 unique tracks plus 10 mirror tracks - Smooth physics with collisions - Challenging AI - Tunable karts - 3 game modes Single Race Tournament Practice - 3 game difficulties Easy Normal Hard - Ghost car in training mode - Radar map - 14 music tracks - Unlockable extras - Achievements FAQ 1. Why doesn the Enter key work in the menu - The non conventional control is part of the menu design. Navigation using only the arrow keys is simple quick and logical. In the game there is also no need for any other keys. Furthermore in fullscreen mode - which is an option in the game - detection of the Enter key doesn work. Ask Adobe about why its like this. 2. Can I play using a mouse - No. The game is controlled using the arrow keys only. 3. The game is slow and/or stutters. Why - The game uses the cpu intensively therefore a P4 is the minimum suggested requirement. To make the game faster try a rougher ground detail setting and/or full screen mode in the options menu. 4. I get a pop-up asking for permission to store information on my computer what should I do - The game stores save data on your local hard drive ghost kart data racing statistics etc allowing it to do so is safe the pop-up only shows up only once.