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Rescue Brigade


Rescue Brigade - Great game where you play as firemens brigade whose mission is to rescue people in deadly danger! Your task will be to save people falling from high buildings in fire! People in danger can wait. You will have to do your best to rescue them all. Start a firemens adventure - finish firemens training camp and begin career of rescuer which is going through 11 great levels. Whole buildings in fire Earthquakes UFO Invasions Thats all and more is waiting for You! When you complete them all You can try yourself in Endless Mode and save people in danger over and over! Save people and beat records! Be the best rescuer!
Firemans life isn easy but You can spend gained rescue points for cool stuff in upgrades shop to be a better rescuer!
Gain 20 achievements and prove you are the best rescuer in brigade!
You can also check some statistics for interesting details about your firemans career.
Thats all in great pixe-art retro graphics and amazing music! What are you waiting for Play now and become a true fireman!