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Solarmax is a fast-paced streamlined RTS where quick thinking and aggressive moves are rewarded. Colonize worlds build ships destroy fleets and discover lost alien space stations on your journey through the stars.

The controls are similar to other ode-based strategy games phage wars nano war which makes the game easy to pick up but the addition of actual ship-to-ship combat makes the gameplay much deeper. You can actually see each individual ship orbiting around the planets and when a fleet meets an enemy fleet you can see and hear the individual explosions. The games advanced graphics engine allows hundreds of ships to be rendered with no lag.

Right now all the levels are available for viewing but the tutorials are structured into the levels so in the final version players must play each level in the proper order.

Game Features

- Very streamlined interface makes the game intuitive without sacrificing deep engaging gameplay.

- Animated tutorials built into the first 3 levels to familiarize newcomers with the controls

- Intelligent AI that exploits the players weaknesses and makes the game challenging but fun.

- Beautiful backgrounds and 3D rendered graphics. Thousands of particles on screen at once. Players with very slow computers netbook level have the option of lowering the graphics settings.

- High quality sound effects and music

- Discover lost alien space stations that have unique effects on gameplay.

- 18 missions Dozens of planets 4 unique alien space stations to discover

- End-of-level statistics for those perfectionist players

- 8 shiny medals that are very challenging to unlock

- 3 difficulty settings Easy Normal and Blind Mode. Blind Mode presents a unique challenge for the player as it makes him use his instinct and snap judgment.

Actual game size is around 8mb