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Space Cropper


03/05/2014 Back on sales if anyone interested please contact me.

Space Cropper previously named SpaceBugx is a Qix/Volfied like retro game with enhanced gameplay retro graphics and special effects.

Your mission get back the territories that the aliens have taken from us. This will require accuracy and speed.

Over 17 monsters with special abilities and 2 special bosses to fight against.

20 levels with 3 levels of tutorial.
The 10th and 20th are boss levels.

Various special items popping up during the game

  • slow slows down enemies
  • points gives points
  • invincible gives invincibility for a couple of seconds
  • shield increases your shield energy
  • life gives you one more life

The game is finished. Im still open to any suggestion!


arrow keys - to control space ship & to navigate menu can be customized
space bar - action key to cut areas in game & to select menu item can be customized




Options set keys




Actual game