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Taco Trump Down


If you like TACO TRUMP DOWN you an get it on Android FOR FREErnhttps// Superhero Taco Man heard that Trump wants to build a wall to keep Mexico out. That made Taco Man angry. Wanting to make Mexico great again he grabbed his tacos and took flight. Flying over Trumps wall he saw Trump building new things. Towers walls election centers and steak houses. With extreme agility Taco Man began to hurl his tacos at Trumps buildings bringing them down one by one even as the Donald was building them.rnrnTaco Man is also on a lookout for some Jalapenos...rnrnTaco Trump Down is a classic arcade shmup game. Taco Man never stops throwing tacos you control the direction of his flight and thus where the tacos land. Develop your skill as you focus Trumps buildings down but watch out! Balloons fly from Trumps election centers and steaks are thrown from his steak houses. If they touch you they stagger your flight and you lose.rnrnIn addition Jalapenos drop down sporadically. Pick them up to give Trump a nasty surprise!rnrnHow high can you scorernWill everything Trump builds fallrnAnd most importantly... will you take a dump on Trumprnrn--- CONTROLSrnrnClick LEFT and RIGHT to go in that direction. Taco Man never stops moving so one tap on either key is enough to steer him in that direction! To aim straight down you need to constantly tap both LEFT and RIGHT.rnrn+/- control sound volume.rnrn0 to mute the game.