Video games are valuable by how they engage with various aspects of our everyday lives. A few of the advantages are physical, emotional, and societal. In contrast to popular belief, they could encourage wholesome living and enhanced social action through different avenues.


Games like Call of Duty and Splinter Cell multiplayer might help forge bonds and friendships that will last for several years. Matters such as the Wii Fit may encourage a wholesome lifestyle, maintaining a person busy, and in their daily diet goals every day.


10 Ways Video Games Are Great for You


  1. Video Games May Slow Down Aging

Female, male, young mature, middle-aged individual — all have something in common and that is aging. And while becoming older and wiser has its perks, also, there are a variety of natural issues that come about too.


The analysis had 681 healthy individuals aged 50 and older perform 10 hours of a particular video game for about five to eight months, and that is exactly what they discovered:


  1. Better Decision Maker

  2. Shawn Green in the University of Rochester desired to determine how games affect our capacity to make decisions.


He aimed to check if matches, which require us to see and keep tabs on transferring peripheral pictures, enhance our capacity to get sensory information and so help us make more precise conclusions.


“Action video games are swift, and you will find peripheral graphics and events popping up, and evaporating. These video games are educating individuals to become better at accepting sensory information in, and translating it into appropriate decisions.”


  1. Games Can Help (Not Heard!) Your Eyesight

Group of researchers at the University of Rochester hunted to establish if matches worsen our eyesight.

The 2009 study included having a set of seasoned first-person shooter players play Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament 2004 while more casual players played slow games such as The Sims 2.

After studying, individuals who played with the first-person shooters showed indications of having much better eyesight than others.

Daphne Bavelier, the chief of the research, found that playing games enhance a skill called contrast sensitivity function. This capability helps us differentiate between fluctuations in colors of grey against a colored background, which is quite beneficial whilst driving at nighttime. (Source)


  1. Video Games Could Make You Anti-Social

Researchers from three distinct institutions in the united kingdom and Canada lately did their very own research to learn how common antisocial behavior is one of the players .

What every individual found is that players who partake in dwell social surroundings are the very communicative and friendly individuals there.

“Gamers are not the antisocial basement-dwellers people see from pop culture stereotypes; they are highly social people,” stated one of those investigators who traveled to over 20 occasions where players get together.


  1. Games Could Improve Your Ability To Know

Contrary to popular belief that video games cause you to poor at college, researchers in the UK discovered that particular video games may boost our mental flexibility.

The analysis was done at the University College London along with also the Queen Mary University of both London and 72 volunteers play two unique games for 40 hours over six to eight months.


  1. Help Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

There are several professions that need having better hand-eye coordination compared to the typical individual.

Surgeons rely on theirs not to just execute a successful surgery but also make sure they don’t nick an artery or vital organ.


  1. Improved Focus and Care

To determine if games rather helped children pay additional attention by enhancing cognition and understanding, a researcher called Vikranth Bejjanki conducted a couple of experiments alongside many coworkers.

“The improved learning of this regularity and construction of surroundings might serve a core mechanism whereby activity movie gameplay affects performance in understanding, attention, and cognition.”

  1. Video Games May Help Treat Depression

A couple of years ago scientists in New Zealand sought to figure out whether video games could be used to deal with psychological disorders including depression.

This was performed with SPARX, a game specially designed to give treatment to teens in a means that is more lively and enjoyable compared to regular counseling.

More than 168 adolescents with a mean age of 15 engaged, with them having revealed previous indications of depression.

Here is their decision after finding that SPARX players did better in recovering from depression compared to another group:

“SPARX is a possible alternative to normal care for teenagers presenting with depressive symptoms in primary care settings and may be employed to tackle some of the unmet demand for therapy ”

  1. Video Games Can Help You Stay Stay Fit

Of all of the advantages of video games on this listing, this is the one that most people already understand.

Active games such as Wii Sports and Wii Fit are for the day located in hospitals and retirement homes.


Researchers in the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center recently conducted a test to find out how much better games are for children when compared with tasks like watching TV and surfing the world wide web.



  1. Video Games Can Help Couples

When there are lots of ways for couples to have fun together and unwind, psychologists at the University of Denver wished to figure out whether playing video games has been among these.


This is a fascinating study because the study shows guys care more about this portion of a connection than girls do.

“The longer you spend in friendship and fun and being there for your spouse, the happier the connection will get overtime”